Testimonials 96th Street Chiropractic

"I was treated previously with Dr. Flynn for injuries sustained in an auto accident. Recently, I was suffering with lateral thigh and knee pain that prevented me from running. The pain was so intense I felt like I was going to fall with walking. Dr. Flynn used Kinesiotape and did a few spinal and hip adjustments to treat my condition. I am now able to run without pain and have not missed a run or race!"

Amy R.

"My back pain was so severe it prevented me from participating in sports and running. After treating with Dr. Flynn, I am now able to run and play rugby again."

Giovanna D.

"My original problem was a bulging disc that was causing headaches, neck pain and numbness into my arm. This was bothering me for years and was a 9/10 on the pain scale. The pain prevented me from typing at work and I would lose sleep from the pain. After just a few adjustments with Dr. Flynn, I began to have less neck pain and the numbness in my arm started to go away. Now I feel fantastic. No more headaches, neck pain, or arm pain."

Laura G.

"I chose to continue to treat with Dr. Flynn because he actually takes time with each patient. As long as I get an adjustment every two weeks, my neck, lower back and leg numbness feels great. I am totally confident if my neck and back are achy, I can go to Dr. Flynn, get an adjustment and feel 100% better. He keeps me balanced."

Carol L.

"I began treating with Dr. Flynn due to severe 10/10 shoulder pain that aggravated everyday living. It got to the point my shoulder felt like it was going fall off. I tried to relieve the pain with self remedies for several months with no success. Dr. Flynn helped me get back to life allowing me to do Pilates and work as a server. When I feel it act up, I pop in to get a little adjustment and am brand new.

Debbie P.

"I was suffering with horrible lower back and neck pain for the past eight years caused by an auto injury. My pain was consistently a 9/10 and prevented me from sleeping, working and exercising. Since treating with Dr. Flynn, now I can run without pain, work to my fullest potential, and have fantastic nights sleep! Without Dr. Flynn, I would not be able to live my life the way I want."

Tonii P.

"After the auto accident, I had many visits to different doctors. Dr. Flynn was the only doctor that made me pain free!"

Suzanne C.

"I began treating with Dr. Flynn due to back pain that made standing difficult. In a short period of time, Dr. Flynn made me feel like my old self again. His treatments are dynamite!"

Teresa C.

"My work as a cosmetologist was causing my shoulder and back to hurt. At it's worst I couldn't even breathe, I had to lay down to make my mid back pain go away. When I see Dr. Flynn, I feel awesome. I can breathe, walk and work so much easier since treating with Dr. Flynn."

Alyson B.

"I had been suffering for several years with pain in the neck, shoulders, face, upper back and stiffness in the lower back. I had tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers, pain medications, two other chiropractors and a TMJ specialist. The pain prevented me from comfortably gardening, crafts, exercising, cooking, reading and writing. Since treating with Dr. Flynn, I am more functional than at any other time that I can remember. I now rarely take any pain medications and have been able to exercise and do yoga again. I'm a huge fan of Dr. Flynn and his staff."

Beth M.